Wednesday, March 23, 2011


We bring a community of like minded financially savvy and smart people together. We organize events to make raising your little one just a little bit easier and more fun. Why buy new when you can trade in items you no longer need for something that can be of use. We all know that babies and kids outgrow clothes faster than we even have time to utilize that cute hoodie that they look adorable in. We know first hand that a baby gets bored of toys and developmentally surpass a lot of the things they just started to use.

Why not make some money in the process? Why not swap with other moms that need exactly what you have to offer? Why not help out your fellow parents that are itching to get rid of stuff that you were just going to buy new from a big box store? With SWAPBOP, everyone wins. Everyone leaves a little bit happier, especially our landfills.

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